We are using the Ethereum blockchain to offer something special to gamers everywhere: a new concept called digital sovereignty.

Digital sovereignty is a crucial requirement to offer something even more incredible: the ability to create a character that can live forever on a blockchain.  Check out our up-coming game D-PARC to find out how we're doing this, and how you can join us in building the future of games.



8 Circuit Studios believes games have been, and will continue to be, a major force in driving innovation.  We are hard at work extending the limits of gaming to change the way we will play games online forever.  No longer will you merely “rent time” in your favorite networked game.  8 Circuit Studios, among other forward thinking developers, intends to provide players with a taste of real digital ownership – something never truly possible before the invention of blockchains.




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We believe a new renaissance in game development is underway.

Blockchains allow creators to participate in an open economy in new and profound ways. As tools become cheaper, and the ability to collaborate online becomes easier, 8 Circuit Studios recognizes the power inherent in each of us to bring our unique talents to others. Our mission is to democratize digital value creation with this in mind.