D-PARC The Game

D-PARC is the first video game developed by 8 Circuit Studios. It is a hybrid game – part Rogue-Like and part First Person Shooter and is specifically designed to showcase the power of blockchains games.  It is a reflection of our obsession with video game development, encouraging cultures of empowerment, and telling compelling stories. D-PARC uses the powerful properties of Ethereum to enable digital sovereignty – a new concept that we believe will profoundly change the video game industry


You play the part of an artificial intelligence that learns about itself through the lens of humanity gone wrong.  Your mission is to save the 100,001 cryogenically frozen souls aboard the interstellar transport ship n-Satoshi.  En-route to the newly discovered habitable planet New Eden an unknown encounter has crippled the n-satoshi.  You must explore the galaxy to find the necessary resources to repair your mother ship and return the heirloom cargo back to its proper course.